It’s been two months since I posted and if I’m completely honest nearly two months since I did any exercise other than walking.  I feel like crap, look rough as, everything hurts and I’m exhausted.

This isn’t why I wasn’t working out – this is as a result of not working out.

No excuses, life just got in the way.  I got in my own way.

The scales haven’t changed much, I’m only 2lbs up but I wobble and my belt is a notch looser.  I’ve let myself down.

But have I failed?  Well no I haven’t.  I’ve stalled, I’ve faltered, I’ve gone off piste.  But it’s not going to lead me to throw it all await – I’ve achieved and improved and just need to get back on it.

I’m finding restarting really hard – you see I am tired, I am sore and I am exhausted and the way to fix that is to work better, sleep better and eat better.  The hurdle to get back at it is the same thing that will improve by getting back to the gym.  I know this but my mind is stalling.

It’s time though.  First step (or first restarting step). No more excuses.  The time is now.