So two weeks after being back from holiday we are fully back on track.  I’m back into boxing training and had a great session this morning with Ian really focusing on my technique. I’m always worn out afterwards and know I e had a proper workout but also elated and energised!

I’m also back weightlifting and looking to push myself and up my weights where I can. It’s tough as the DOMS are hard to work through and combine with boxing training and working but it’ll be worth it. 

So holiday weight has gone and now we’re back looking at what we’re eating and drinking. Fitzpatrick is working his way through the Lean in 15 cookbooks and I’m getting some great meals, including this one earlier this week which was delicious fresh and for lunch the next day:

I’m lucky to be working at Canary Wharf where we have a Protein Haus so after boxing I’m able to get a proper protein fix without having to cart around too much stuff. Their coffee pump and whey pats fill me up and are tasty to boot:

More expensive than taking my own but super convenient. 

This week I’ve upped my suppliments too, I had a trial of the Vitl nutrition pack and was impressed. It’s the perfect lazy girlway to get my  vitamins and nutrients and even come in a  daily pack!  I’m hoping this, along with the food and exercise will help me to avoid too make cold and lurgies this winter- we’ll see. 

Looking forward to heading up to the mind and body show and the Om Yoga show at Ally Pally this weekend – always good to get new ideas. 

I really need to up my fitness game and get my weight going down again so am looking at F45 as an option but in all honesty I’m a bit scared and intimidated. I know that’s all about me and my head but it’s something I’m going to have to deal with. 

The nights are drawing in so it’s tempting to settle in front it the TV with a cuppa and a blanket but that’s not going to get me where I want to be. 

Time to find some motivation me thinks!