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I’m so frustrated – I have hardly lost a lb in 2 months.  I’m tracking what I eat and exercising at least 4 times per week but nothing, nada, zilch.  AND ITS TOUGH.  I know this happens, and I know it happens to a lot of people but when you are nearly 15 stone and want to be under 12 it’s really hard.

I may have had a little breakdown at the gym last week (thankfully Fitzpatrick was there to sort me out)  there were tears and snot and a few ‘it’s just not fair’.  Seriously I am working so hard, I’m boxing regularly still and know I am improving and my lifting is getting better.

Now I know the old myth that muscle weighs more than fat – but come on…..a pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of sugar…..a pound is a pound.  What muscle is though is more compact than fat so the same weight can take up a smaller space and well this much is true I am seeing some difference in the space I take up.

I sat in the bath last week and my hips didn’t touch the sides….I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s true.  For the first time in a long time I didn’t act like a natural dam in the bath and water was able to circulate and I was comfortable.

I’m able to share a seat on the bus without pushing myself so far up against the window I should be licking it – same on the tube.

I bought a dress in a  size 16, a slinky pencil skirt dress and it FITS – it did up without any fuss and the lumps and bumps (with good underwear) are not going to look to bad.

So we’re changing it up, after a pep talk from my girls and Fitzpatrick,  and some great advice from PT Gem I have changed things a bit this week.  Upped my water/liquid and protein and reduced my carbs.  No boxing for me this week as Ian is on holiday so instead Fitzpatrick has been putting me through my HIIT paces over in the park .  Ladder drills, squats, kettle bell exercises along with different cone drills have had me working up a sweat.  We’re combining this with the gym and focusing on fat burning routines, yesterday was upper body (my triceps are still burning from the seated EZ bar tricep extensions) and then monster leg day today.  We’re also walking a lot still as it’s now only 36 days until my big walk in the US for  Charity this summer.

I have no idea if this is going to work – but I bloody hope so, it’s hard work and whilst I am enjoying the exercise (mostly, burpees are still a bitch) I need to see the proof on the scales.

Here’s hoping – onwards