Yesterday was a bad day – no that’s not quite right.  Yesterday was a tough day.

I knew it was going to be tough – external review of my proposals and plans with only 60% of the information and me not able to defend of explain but there to take the ‘feedback’ for three hours in the helpful way it is meant.

Its rough, I’ve talked about the need for resilience on my other blog here in a similar situation and it was no easier this time.  What was interesting was my response.  I’ve talked about allowing myself time to wallow but this time there is no time – my next deadline is this week, no time to lick my surface wounds.  Also I couldn’t turn to that age old friend gin or chocolate, or crips or pastry (mmmmmmmm cornish pasty).

My reaction was a surprise even to me – instead of melting down I sent Fitzpatrick a text saying that my afternoon was brutal and that I needed to go to the gym and then go and eat red meat somewhere.  Thankfully he agreed.

So here I am today – my arms are sore but my diet is intact (though I pushed the limits of my calorie intake) and I am feeling good.

I’ve changed, the way I cope and act is changing but its good; health and happy.