I’ve been working out at home the last two weekends – by choice!  Last week I had a really good session and finished with mountain climbers, bicycle sit ups and planks.  

This week I wasn’t going to work out but then a pep talk from Team Unicorn reminded me that this is up to me and is my choice. 

It’s been a tough week. Out 4 nights in the end (only meant to be for one drink on Friday but that ended up as a few more), eating badly, only one boxing session and no gym as my new tattoo is healing. 

So I got the mat and weights out and went again. The dog (Goose) was less than impressed!

But after a little persuading he got out of the way and I got on with it. At the end I was hot and tired and decided to try something I’ve never been brave enough to try before. You see I decided I was too big, too heavy, too weak, too pathetic; that I’d fall flat on my face, that my arms and shouldersm would buckle, that I’d make a fool of myself. But no one else was here and I’ve been working pretty hard so maybe just try one. 

So I did. I tried my first proper, not on my knees, press up!  And we’ll I actually did 4 in a row. I’m sure the firm was shocking and I didn’t get anywhere near as low as I needed to but I did it!  In fact I did 10 in total. 

It seems ridiculous now. What was I scared of and even if I had faltered who would have judged me other than me (and the dog). So I did it and will do then again and work on my form and the number I can do and eventually these bingo wings will be a thing of history!

For now I’m trying to see if I can see the difference in my face?  The left was a few weeks ago and the right at the beginning of the year. What do you think? Is it just the hair and glasses?