As I mentioned previously this summer I am walking 60 miles in 3 days to help the fight against breast cancer and raise money for research and treatment with the Susan G. Komen organisation.  I am walking as part of an awesome team and have committed to raise at least $2,300.

To help me on my way (and to have a bit of fun) I am running a Euro 2016 sweepstake.  It’s £10 in with £5 going to the kitty and the other £5 to the charity.  Prizes for 1st (£60) 2nd (£40) and 3rd (£20).

If you’d like to join in please leave a comment below or on Twitter (@pontecarloblue) or Facebook if you know me IRL and I will add you to the list.  I’ll do the draw when I have 24 names and if we get to 48 will run a second round.

Thanks in advance


PCB (below is todays #pucepic post boxing – I was exhausted but flying high!)