I like to shop. 

I have more clothes and shoes and bags than is healthy for one person. 

I work hard, am not in debt (any more) and don’t have children or expensive hobbies.  

I used to say that I bought shoes and bags because they always fit. Anyone who’s put on in excess of 4 stone will tell you that’s not exactly true. Yep even your feet get fat – and the pressure of walking in heels, even really really good freaking expensive heels, it too much for your poor knees and balls of your feet. 

So you just stop. You stop wearing your favourite shoes and you put your favourite dresses to the back of the wardrobe or packed away in boxes marked Size14/16 and you wear the same thing most weekends and rotate the same dresses for work. You buy a few things in bigger sizes – jeans, a few more dresses. Oh and bra’s big, unsexy, over the shoulder bolder holders. Whilst your pretty Agent Provocatuer and What Katie Did are packed away in tissue in a box at the bottom of the wardrobe. 

I really want to shop, I want pretty dresses and skirts and tops but I’m determined not to buy too small – for when I get into it, like that Westwood dress I’ve had for five years now and only managed to get into once. Or buy so big that it won’t fit me in 2months. So I’m not shopping. I’m not buying the dresses from my fave website (www.lindybop.co.uk) or new things from Jigsaw or http://www.meandem.com. 

I am buying workout gear from Fabletics, trainers from Nike outlet and Other workout kit (water bottles, gym towels, lifting gloves etc)

And today I bought some shoes – I had to. My feet and legs  were so sore after Saturdaus monster weights session (below) and an extra long boxing workout my ballet flats are just too too flat!  So a little detour into Dr Marten’s at lunchtime mean I now own some lovely shiny new brogues. 

But I’m not shopping. And it’s dull. I want to walk into any shop and be able to find something that fits me. It’s one of the things I’m working towards.

Until then I guess I’m saving money.  I guess.