I’m just at the station waiting for my train for work after being at the new gym and doing my first weights session. My legs are a bit wobbly but I feel good. It’s a Pure Gym and quite newly opened, has a great range of equipment and good space to work in. 

A gentle-ish start with Fitzpatrick walking me through a programme and helping me with technique and how some of the things worked!    This is what I did – with my very technical explanations oh yes!

Leg curl 20lbs 4 sets x10

Dumb bell split squats 3x 10 (walking squat thingy)

Barbell squat sets of 12 x3 with 5kg on each side

Loaded back extension 3x 12 & kettle bell sides 6kg 3x 12

Leg press 4 X 12 @ 30kgs

Back tomorrow to work different muscle groups (or so I’m told). Rumour has it that this will really boost my weight loss and help me to  tone up!  I hope so. 

Yesterday was boxing and walking. Had a really good boxing session with my trainer upping the pressure. I was exhausted but still managed to walk 12k. Hips a bit sore as I walked nearly 15k the day before but all good!

I’m getting strange looks as I’ve let a few trains go past now so better sign off and get to work!