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 Post exercise #pucepic from this morning. 
 Not much has changed either weight wise or inches in the last few weeks and I have been a little off track.  All that changes again starting today – no booze for a little while and after a week off with a back injury I was back boxing this morning.

This week is also the week I start weightlifting.  I’ve joined a local gym to where we live and will be going a couple or few times a week with Fitzpatrick to do some weightlifting sessions in a aim to tone up and burn more fat.  I’m getting the cardio with my walking and boxing workouts but need to build my strength and tone up my arms, legs, arse etc!

So this week is the week  I have boxing again on Wednesday morning and need to be at work early Tuesday so will be hitting the gym Thursday and Friday – I might finally find out what it means to suffer after leg day!

Today’s boxing session was good, quite a few 4 minute rounds and then in my ‘rest’ some core work with sit ups, planks and work on the swiss ball.  I’m working on the pivot on my feet for my basic shots to improve the power behind them – using the hip to make the shot but keep falling over my own feet.  I’m not soft enough on my knees yet and a bit flat footed.  This will improve as I drop more weight and know that my knees will hurt less.

Best thing about today was that my trainer (the every pushy Ian) said that my fitness has improved significantly and that he is really pleased with the effort I am making and the work I am putting in.  It was great to hear – and great to see that he has noticed.  I know it in myself, I’m definitely fitter – seem to have more energy too!

I have also booked in for two more dance classes with As Seen on Screen fitness; on April 23rd I will be doing a 90 minute Christine Aguilera Dirrty beginners class followed by a 90 minute Britney Slave to You beginners class……….I think I might be a little crazy.  My bestie KBW is going to come with me  – she’s an amazing dancer and great fun to spend time with so I’m really looking forward to it.  Fitzpatrick will be away at GB camp so I am planning to eat all the sushi in North London after the session if you want to get in first!

I’m also stepping up my walking to increase my distance each week as the Susan Komen 3 Day Twin Cities walk gets every closer! Please feel free to sponsor me following the link….it’s 130 days, or 19 weeks. Gulp.  I’ve also started to get some of the gear I need.  My pink trainers to get comfy and break in, my mattress for the tent, my light and my waist pack (yes it’s a bumbag but that are called waist packs these days).  Work has thrown a little spanner in the works with a delay to the programme but my flights are booked, my training started, I’m not backing out now!

But managed to get some bargains from the Nike Outlet store – pink anyone? 


Like I said weight is disappointing, only another 1lb down but I’ve not been great on my diet and there have been a few nights out and plenty wine……..however lovely friend saw me briefly and messaged to say she could see my shape changing – whoop whoop!

And you know even my face might be!

Onwards – PCB x