In my ongoing efforts to find exercise I enjoy (& that might stick), today I’m off to Seen on Screen Fitness for a dance class.

The fabulous folk at SoSF teach classes where you learn the dance to a pop song – think The Single Ladies dance.  They talk about being a Diva and it sounds fun and a great workout.

They claim that in a 90 minute class you could burn 800 calories – sounds like my sort of rate of return.

They do classes for beginners, intermediate, advanced and all levels and run them during the week and at weekends. I opted for the Beginner Sorry by Justin Bieber. Duly paid my £20 for a one off class and I’m now sat in the Understudy bar in the national theatre nursing a black coffee as I was so freaking early!

The class is at the Rambert dance school just off the Southbank behind the National. I’m nervous (hence the being here so early), have no clue if I’m dressed right, a bit hungry as I didn’t want to eat before class in case I threw up!

So as I wait a little update. I’ve lost 3lbs so am now 15st 7lbs (woo hoo) and more importantly have moved another notch on my jeans belt. So that’s 2.5 inches off my waist!


So I’m just headed home on the underground from my class and I LOVED IT. It was hard, I was clumsy and looked like a baby elephant in the mirror but it was a really good sweat and such good fun. We had a brilliant teacher -Lisa – she was encouraging and relaxed but also pushed us to get the moves as right as we could.

The steps were worked through at a slowish pace initially then putting it all together. We learned the sections bit by bit and built up the routine.

A few things to remember if you’re going to do this class. Take water – you’ll need it!  Wear comfy clothes as you need to be able to move (& shake you thing).

I’m exhausted, potentially broken and seriously cosidering putting a pack of peas on my knee when I get home but I’m also buzzing and want to go back.

Bonus – my watch tells me I’ve burned over 1000 calories today (a combination of dog walk, travelling to class and the class itself) and the day is nowhere near over with another dog walk on the cards before it gets dark.

Now there is a video of the little section we learned. I’ll try to share it but like I said – baby elephant!  But for now I’m off to buy ALL the sushi.