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Well well well the weight is still coming off (slowly…so so slowly) but my body shape is changing.  I HAVE A WAIST – I mean I know we all have a waist but mine is actually showing.  My arms are toning up (I still have major bingo wings but getting some guns too) and my stamina is increasing.

I’m still boxing – had a week off due to laryngitis but back to it and treated myself to my own gloves.  This was after a conversation with two friends of mine who explained to me that using the gloves in the gym was disgusting (it was, just thinking about the smell makes me gag) and I may as well be putting my hands in a toilet……. They were right. So I took the advice of my trainer (have I told you about www.cityboxer.com or my amazing trainer Ian?  Another time) and bought myself some Twins, 12 oz beauties.  They need a bit of wearing in but are mine all mine and as sweet as  a rose.  I bought them from Geezers Boxing and the service from them was great – they sell all sorts of training gear if that’s your thing.


To push myself some more I have also signed up for three events.  The first is the the Colour me Rad London run on 7th May.  I initially agreed to do this as a training event for my ever patient other half, Fitzpatrick, as he’s signed up for his first 10k in July.  But after registering I knew it would be a great motivation to get me out and about.  So I’m couch to 5K’ing at the moment and started running last week.  I have also signed up to run 1 mile this Sunday for Sport Relief – it’s all been organised by the awesome Simon Heath (@SimonHeath1 on Twitter) and is a #tweepathon with 26 of us each running 1 mile and hoping to raise some money.

So those are sensible challenges right?  A good target but not too much?

Yeah if only I’d stopped there…….but you see I’ve been inspired by some amazing women these last few weeks (Team Unicorn you know who you are) and when an equally amazing women from the USA dropped me a message on Facebook this morning letting me know that she and another friend had signed up to do a challenge in Minneapolis from 19th to 21st August and would I be interested well I didn’t say no….I stopped.  I considered.  I checked flights, spoke with Fitzpatrick, and well after a few hours of too-ing and fro-ing the flights are booked and in August I will be taking part in the 2016 Twin Cities Susan G. Komen 3-day challenge – that’s walking 60 miles in 3 days.  It’s all in aid of Breast Cancer research and I will be fundraising (I need to raise a minimum of $2,300) over the next few months.  I’ll update the journey (for this is a journey) here but you can also follow my progress and sponsor me over on my official fundraising page here: Amanda’s 3-day Fundraising Page

I know it’s tough but if you can spare even the smallest amount to help I will be so grateful.  I’ll be organising some other fundraising activity over the next 5 months – I’ll try not to pester you I promise!

So a few more days until the monthly weigh in – progress is slow but I feel good.  Right I better get some new trainers…………