I’ve lost 14lbs. The scales say so it must be true. That’s right 15st 10lbs, 220lbs or 99.8kgs.  MILESTONE!!!IMG_9933

I’m guessing that most of the weight has come off my organs (Google fat on organs if you’re not sure what I’m talking about) a little off the chin and a little off the waist. But my hips and thighs remain resolutely fat.

I was listening to a podcast from The Guilty Feminists and one of them talked about how easy it is to lose newly gained weight but weight you’ve been carrying round for a while is tougher to shift. Yep. That sound right.

So what has changed. Well my skin is much better, clearer, less dull and looking pretty fresh. My sleep

Seems quite good (that might be less alcohol and caffeine but hell its a plus).

I have a little more energy. I have an ongoing illness which means that my energy levels can be very low at times but the way I’m eating (& exercising) seem to be giving me a boost.

I’m really enjoying my exercise. This is a major surprise to me – over the years I have donated to many many gyms (you’re welcome Fitness First, Virgin et al) I’ve been once or twice but it rarely sticks.

So this time I am taking a different approach.  I had a great conversation with a recruiter friend of mine where we had a very honest chat about whether I was taken seriously or reaching my full potential due to my size.  Long story short the way I look impacts how others see me and the unconscious bias linked to my size is probably holding me back.  It was interesting as it wasn’t her saying this – it was me.  I recognised it.  I will do all I can to change views and opinions but I also recognise that if I want to achieve all I want to achieve I have to play the game somewhat.    Her honesty in response was so refreshing – she didn’t say I was wrong or that I looked fine but accepted that it was true and that people were judged by their size sometimes.  I could have kissed her!  I didn’t.  Rather when I spoke with her about exercise she suggested that I try boxing.

Now this isn’t the fashionable boxercise that the so very trendy gyms to (I’m looking at you GymBox) which make you sweat like a mother and are great for your fitness body but actual boxing training in a boxing gym.  It turned out the job I was about to start was about 5 minutes walk from The Ring/City Boxer and they had a special price for an intro personal training session.

So I worked up the courage to head in.  A lovely chap was training someone in the ring but stopped to say hello – he asked me how he could help.  I explained I wanted to lose 4-5 stone and get in shape.  Booked on line and started.

Oh boy it’s tough but I love it.  I work so hard, and it’s not cheap but it’s an investment in me.  I feel so much better and that combined with the eating properly and the stopping smoking (about a month ago now) mean that I am on my way.

My ‘journey’ (yep like a Xfactor contestant) has just started.  I’ve managed to stay social, go out, head to Paris for the six nations and not fall off the wagon.  I’m at the gym 2x per week with my fabulous trainer and have signed up for a 5k in May (the Colour Run).  I have brilliant support at home and an amazing group of girlfriends who are virtually right beside me – posting #pucepics on line and waving pom poms as they got through their own journeys too.

I have a sort of target in my head I think – I’ll still not be right on the doctors BMI scale and I will still have to wear a size 14 from most high-street shops (hips and boobs will do that) but I will be happy with me and that’s what this is all about!