It’s January 2nd. I’m full of a cold that has meant I’ve hardly left the house since our guests left on the 27th. I’m surround by uneaten chocolate and unopened alcohol.

I tried to have a drink a few days ago, on New Years Eve but it ended up being a hot toddy.

But even in all this I haven’t reached the turning point. That came a little later that day. The previous Monday we’d been to the world darts championship, it had been a fun day we’d all dressed up as Where’s Wally (or Waldo) and the beer was flowing.  However, this photo of me was posted later by one of the people we went with and it made me stop.


Now, I’m not delusional I knew I was overweight – fat even.  I knew that I needed to shift weight but I thought I looked ok.  I was bigger than most of my friends but with good tights, a shift dress, heels and some make up I looked good.

In all honestly I look ok but big….very very big.  I know that many people say #effyourbeautystandards but my knees hurt, I can’t buy clothes that fit and everything was an effort.

I knew I needed to do something.

So I decided I would.

I have weighed myself and I am 16st 10 lbs, 234 lbs or 106 kgs.

I’m going to start with diet  – eat better.  I’m using MyFitness Pal app to track my food and exercise on my iPhone and apple watch.  I’m upping my water intake, cutting back on my coca cola habit and making a change.

And most of all I am doing this for me.  Not for a special event, not a dress I need to get into but for me.